Texting Salon – Lead
Credit: Cultura/Photolove

Text messaging has officially become the norm in every area of our lives. Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable to connect with your hairstylist (and other salon professionals) via mobile device. But while they might feel like your BFF when you’re in the salon chair, there is a certain protocol for these kinds of texting relationships. To avoid any faux pas (or an awkward moment at your next appointment), we suggest brushing up on your texting etiquette. Before you hit “send,” keep these rules in mind:

Do Keep It Professional

If and when a stylist offers you their phone number, it’s totally OK to initiate a texting relationship, says Devin Toth, a hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York and spokesperson for Rowenta Beauty. Just try to keep the conversation as professional as possible, especially if you’re a new client. “I do give my cell phone number on occasion to my clients, mostly clients who have been with me for years whom I've developed a relationship, and also some newer clients whom I am developing relationships with,” adds Ray Symons, Master Stylist at Mizu in New York. Though it’s perfectly fine to send holiday wishes and apologize for running late, you probably shouldn’t update them on your boyfriend drama until your next visit.

Don’t Ask for an Appointment

Scheduling your next service via text message seems convenient, but to ensure you get the date you’re hoping for, you’ll want to contact the salon. “Whether it’s scheduling dates and times or inquiring a price quote for a specific service, it’s always best to have that conversation with the receptionist at the salon’s front desk because they are the experts with the numbers, dates and times the way your hairdresser is the expert with your hair,” Toth explains.

“I don't mind if my clients text me asking if I'll be in the salon on the day they want to come in and then contact the salon directly for the appointment,” says Symons. “Also, it's always good to reschedule or cancel via the salon and not via text.”

Do Reach Out for Emergencies

While you can’t expect your stylist to drop everything at any given moment, if you find yourself in a bind, it couldn’t hurt to reach out. “I do think that it’s OK to text your hairdresser for a last minute appointment (i.e. you’re going on vacation tomorrow morning and your hair is a mess) because your hairstylist might be able to squeeze you into a small gap of their day for that special circumstance,” says Toth. With that said, not all emergency situations can be accommodated. “I once had a client who messaged me at 10:30 at night, asking me to come over and give her hair a fresh blowout because her water had just broken,” he shares. Needless to say, this is one memorable request the pro politely declined.

Don’t Expect an Immediate Response

Before you start flooding their inbox, understand that your stylist has a life and might not be able to get back to you right away. “I think it’s always OK for a client to contact his or her hairdresser, no matter what time of day it is. That being said, it doesn’t mean the hairdresser will respond at all, especially if they are receiving these texts after work hours or during the middle of the night. Overall, it’s a good idea to be considerate of your hairstylist’s home life.” Symons, on the other hand, prefers when clients stick to daytime hours (or at least not at 2 a.m. when they’re stumbling out of the bar).

Do Refer a Friend

If you know somebody who’s in the market for a hairdresser, shoot your stylist a text and let them know you’ll be sending a friend to the salon. They’ll appreciate the business and the fact that you trust their talent enough to spread the word.

Don’t Hesitate to Thank Them for Their Work

Obsessed with your new look? A simple “thank you” is enough to brighten up any hairstylist’s day. “I love receiving positive text messages from clients expressing how happy they are with their new hairstyle, especially when a great selfie I can share on social media is included,” says Toth. “Thoughtfulness is always appreciated!”