Salon Etiquette
Credit: Getty Images

It doesn't take an Ashley Madison hack for your hairstylist to figure out you've been seeing other people. When you go behind the back of your long-term steady on a whim, only to come back with a botched hair color or too-short layers, it's normal to feel guilty about your torrid affair, but when crawling back into the arms of your loved one, it's important to be as honest as you can while you beg for forgiveness.

"If you've 'cheated' on your hairstylist and need to get your cut or color fixed, let them know exactly what the other person did, because that will hep your stylist fix exactly what went wrong in the process," says Nick Stenson, Matrix StyleLink Celebrity Stylist. "Even if you aren't exactly sure what they used, tell your stylist that they did put something in your hair if it was a chemical process, how it looked and felt, what they did, and the outcome." This will ensure your color correction goes according to plan, and your strands won't be further damaged by additional chemicals. "It's always so funny when someone says 'I didn't do anything!' but their hair is three shades darker," Stenson adds. "If the client lies and the hairstylist doesn't know exactly what was done, it will be much harder to get it back to what they originally wanted."

The same rules apply for those situations when you were in a pinch and managed to mess up with a box of DIY dye; store-bought dyes can be particularly difficult to remove. Haircut disasters, while annoying to deal with, can be handled with some creative tips from your long-term squeeze. "It's tough, because you obviously can't put hair back on, but your stylist can recommend things to help your hair grow back out, or styling tips to make you like your hair a little more," Stenson tells us. "Because sometimes too, when someone goes to a new hairdresser and they get their hair cut by someone different, it may be styled in a way that isn't flattering for everyday wear, but your hairdresser who has known you for years can create something they know you'll like."

And if you're feeling that bad about it, a little white lie won't hurt. "Just come up with a really good excuse as to why you did it—you got a gift certificate, or it was for a girl's night out," Stenson recommends, laughing. "But obviously you love the way this person does your hair, so you're coming back to them. Tell them that, and they'll feel good about it."