By Rose Walano
Updated Mar 07, 2013 @ 2:40 pm
Salma Hayek Avon necklace
Credit: Courtesy Photo (2)

Salma Hayek teamed up with Avon almost 10 years ago to speak out against domestic abuse—and this year, this is the necklace that's helping her spread the word. The piece is Avon's latest Empowerment Charm Necklace, which only costs $5 and comes with a resource pamphlet. “This necklace works two ways,” the actress told (while wearing the charm) before presenting the 2nd Avon Global Communication Awards at the United Nations this afternoon, which honored campaigns that have spoken out against women's violence around the world and served as an early celebration of tomorrow’s International Women’s Day. “By buying it or wearing it, you help the cause, but it also has the infinity symbol on [the charm] to remind you of the infinite potential you have as a woman—especially when we stick together." All profits from the necklace support Avon's awareness programs; visit to pick up yours today.

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