Salma Hayek Has Perfected the Steamy Swimsuit Pose

Salma Hayek gives good selfie. On Friday, the actress took to Instagram to sing the praises of water. Standing in an outdoor shower under a fresh stream of the stuff, she wrote: "#water the most basic and precious necessity of humans."

This, of course, is very true. But while we ponder this great truth, we can't help staring at Hayek.

The star's onyx waves tumble down her back as she reaches her arms to the sky in a yoga-pro's pose. That tan! Those arms! That blood-red bikini! It's all a study in vacation sultriness.

Earlier today, Hayek gave us a peek at a more everyday pursuit. The actress posted a throwback snap of herself cooking with a babe on her hip. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's babe... but still.

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