Isabel Jones
Jul 28, 2017 @ 3:30 pm

The moment has arrived, fam—Saint West has officially taken part in a grand Kardashian family tradition: starring in a Snapchat story.

The 20-month-old tyke stood (sat) front and center on mama Kardashian West’s latest round of snaps, clad in dinosaur-print pajamas, gazing at the phone while adorably masked in a sweet bunny filter.

“Say dinosaur,” Kim said to Saint off camera. “Saur,” he answered, sticking out his tongue, mesmerized by the face and voice-altering filter. “What does a dinosaur say?” Kim prodded, to which Saint replied with a high-pitched “No, no!” “A dinosaur says ‘no, no’? What does a dinosaur say?” Kim, in full mommy-mode, asked her son.

Then, the most adorable thing happened: Saint roared like a dinosaur! He let out a little giggle too, proving he doesn’t take after daddy Kanye when it comes to getting his smile on.

Saint West 😍

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Is that not the cutest “rawr” you’ve ever heard in your life?

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This settles it: Saint’s going to be a star. And if his dinosaur impressions don’t get him there, we have a feeling grandma Kris Jenner could lend him a hand. 

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