Saint Laurent Provides a Closer Look into the Designer's Personal Life

Saint Laurent lead
Photo: Carole Bethuel

Last night a special screening of Saint Laurent took place at New York's Tribeca Grand Hotel, where the film's stars turned out to honor the late designer and shed light on the importance of his personal story.

Set in the late '60s and early '70s, the Bertrand Bonello–directed movie jumps straight to the peak of Yves Saint Laurent's success—when the designer is dealing with fame, a troubled romance with life partner Pierre Bergé, insecurities, and drugs. In the film, Gaspard Ulliel transforms into Saint Laurent (above) and Aymeline Valade channels model Betty Catroux.

"This film goes way beyond a simple biopic, an odyssey into a mind of an creative artist," Ulliel told InStyle at the screening, hosted by the Cinema Society and Louis XIII Cognac. “It shows how emotion and art are extremely linked in the end."

"I learned a lot about him, about his work about his intimacy about his emotional investment in art," he said.

In addition to wearing vintage YSL recreations by costume designer Anaïs Romand, Valade had the opportunity to dress in original Yves Saint Laurent pieces provided by collector Olivier Châtenet. “As a woman more than an actress, he influenced me a lot because he set the woman free,” she told InStyle. “ The fact that he had so much admiration for the look of the woman and kind of build and fought for the woman of the 20th century.”

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It’s fair to say, Saint Laurent is having a moment in Hollywood. Since his death in 2008 there has been one documentary (L’amour fou), and two biopics—released just five months apart. It seems that everyone shares the same nostalgia to escape into the designer's mind. “His sprit and lightness,” Bonello said. “It’s just another world.” Naturally, the film is intoxicating and vibrant. Get ready to step into the chateau of Saint Laurent, in theaters May 8. Watch the trailer below:

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