SAG Awards Host Kristen Bell Explains How the Show Will Evolve with the Time's Up Movement

As the first-ever host of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Kristen Bell is eager to act as an integral part of the Time’s Up movement.

The anti-harassment initiative, which suggested that supporters wear black to the Golden Globes on Jan. 7, has inspired many headlines in the weeks that have followed, including the allegations against Globe winners James Francoand Aziz Ansari.

As the face of this Sunday’s SAG Awards, Bell explained how she hopes the movement will evolve through awards season.

Christopher Polk/Getty

"The Time's Up movement is making clear, I think, that we are moving forward," Bell told E! News. "This is not something that everybody's going to talk about with a sad face forever. There was a time where we had a lot of headlines that were hard to digest and a lot of bad swirling emotions for everyone—and it's called diagnosing a problem. And that's what happens, when you get the bad news in the doctor's office, there is a period of mourning. And then there's the period where you go, 'OK, how do we get healthy again?'"

“I think that's why I'm proud to not just be a part of it but to be hosting the awards at this particular moment, because I am a person that permanently believes in hope!" Bell said. "Even in the darkest moments I've ever had—and I've had some dark ones—there's something in my bones that believes in hope.”

"And I think the message of moving forward—and yeah, nobody knows exactly how to do it, and people are going to watch every awards show and every movie and every TV show on the planet and say, 'Well, that person did this wrong.' Yes, but a lot of these things are subjective. What we're talking about is, we might not all do it right in the beginning, but we do want to do it together, and I'm here for you."

"The Time's Up movement is really about showing that we're a united force of decent people that will fight for anyone who feels marginalized," the Good Place star explained. "The Legal Defense Fund is available to anyone that feels they can't challenge their boss. We're here for you ... We're not isolating anyone anymore. You don't have to keep secrets. We're all friends."

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