Ryan Reynolds is suiting back up as your favorite bad-mouthed superhero for Deadpool 2, and he’s logging long hours in the gym to get in shape for the film. The actor is working with Hollywood trainer Don Saladino to get in superhero shape, and Saladino shared a video to Instagram of the hottie performing one of his “favorite ab exercises.”

The move, which he calls “reverse crunch with a lift,” targets your lower abs and your core. The trainer says he has Reynolds do it toward the end of an abdominal training session, which means his abs are probably pretty darn exhausted by the time he gets to this challenging exercise. Saladino says do “discontinue the lift portion when it becomes difficult to perform,” and by the looks of this video, it was getting pretty damn hard for Reynolds toward the end there.

To recreate the move, lie down on the floor of a bench while keeping your lower black flat. Pull your legs up toward your torso before driving them to the ceiling without swinging and using momentum. Lower them to the ground before lifting and repeating.

You’ll be in superhero shape in no time.