When you think of Ryan Gosling, the words heartthrob, family man, and six-pack probably come to mind. But when I think of Ryan Gosling, I think of him as the GIF King.

From "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" to adorable clips from his Mickey Mouse Club days, the GIF potential for this man is truly endless. Want to watch him take off his shirt over and over again? We gotchu. Love the way his eyes scrunch up when he laughs? There's the perfect GIF for that too. This Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET, your favorite man is hosting Saturday Night Live, and we are already dreaming up the GIFable memories that are sure to be made.

Scroll down below to check out our favorites Ryan Gosling moments in GIF-form.

Ryan Gosling Coming to Steal Your Girl:

Ryan Gosling Eating Pizza:

Ryan Gosling Giggling:

Young Ryan Gosling Making Eyes At YOU:

Ryan Gosling's Twelve Pack:

Ryan Gosling Dancing In the Car:

Ryan Gosling Getting Wet:

Ryan Gosling Playing Hide and Seek:

And of course...

Ryan Gosling Refusing to Eat His Cereal: