By Olivia Bahou
Dec 08, 2016 @ 10:30 am

Jimmy Kimmel keeps giving us reasons to be jealous of his life: Not only is the late night star hosting the 2017 Academy Awards, but he has a baby on the way with his wife Molly McNearney, and he got to slow dance with Ryan Gosling.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host welcomed the La La Land star to the stage and asked about his newly acquired dancing skills. Unfortunately, Gosling has all but forgotten how to tap or do the tango. “Oddly enough, I thought my background in ‘90s hip-hop would help. It doesn’t translate,” he said. “I forgot everything. As soon as we did it, I emptied out my brain and had to program it with what else was coming up next.”

Well, maybe not everything: “I mean, I remember, you know, maybe the waltzing. That’s pretty easy,” he conceded, clearly aware that Kimmel was trying to get him on his feet.

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The heartthrob instructed the band to play some romantic music before instructing the talk show host. “My forefinger and my thumb are going to start talking to your lower back, so I need your lower back to just pay attention, alright?” he told him, deadpan.

Just a couple of handsome guys dancing TONIGHT on #Kimmel! #RyanGosling

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But in the end, it wasn’t Kimmel’s waltzing skills he had a problem with; it was his lack of eye contact. “Who you lookin’ at? Are you dancing over there or are you dancing with me? I want to feel like I’m the only person in the room,” Gosling joked. “The world melts away. It’s just you and I.”

This isn't the first time Gosling's moves had us starry-eyed. Keep scrolling for four more times he proved he has skills on the dance floor.