The last week has been a revealing one for former One Direction member Harry Styles. In an appearance on Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 show, the singer was hooked up to a monitor and then shown images to see which ones got his heart racing. One would think that the results would be predictable, right? Hardly.

Styles surprisingly had no reaction to a photo of a shirtless Zayn Malik and a Victoria's Secret model, while images of a shirtless Ryan Gosling from an iconic scene in The Notebook and his very own pair of beloved Chelsea boots had the 23-year-old’s heart doing back flips. Interesting...

When Gosling got wind of Styles’s affection for him, the ever-humble father of two had the perfect response.

“I’m more concerned he might have a heart condition,” Gosling told Extra at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend. “It’s less about me and more about something more serious.”

Something tells us his heart is just fine.