By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 09, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

Ryan Gosling is BAE in almost any context, but the latest stage in the global idolatry of the actor is rather surprising, as it focuses not on his face, abs, or talent. Nope, the new Gosling craze is all about his jackets. Yes, you read that correctly.

In a series of revelatory tweets, the Internet recently brought the Blade Runner star’s impeccable taste in jackets to the public's attention, and for that we’ll be forever grateful.

OK, it may not exactly be Gosling’s taste in outerwear as much as it is the taste of his characters/costume designer. But hey, we’ve gotta lend Ry some extra points for looking damn good in pretty much anything (especially jackets).

Anyway, with the nationwide release of Blade Runner 2049 came a new wave of appreciation for Gosling’s jacket game. The Internet did what it does best and expertly turned a celebrity accessory into a true icon (remember Margaret Atwood’s purse?).

Give it up for the king of on-screen jacket-wearing.

Please, let the next Gosling blockbuster take place in a Nordstrom.