Happy Halloween, everyone! Whether you're a kid getting ready to trick-or-treat or an adult getting ready to binge-watch Stranger Things 2, the day ought to be packed with festive fun—and any such celebration calls for some Halloween holiday music.

And while you may be thinking of turning on the radio and calling it a day, let us redirect you, because you can get your holiday music from none other than Ryan Gosling.

Yes, that Ryan Gosling. The man of many talents was once part of an indie rock duo called Dead Man's Bones, and while in that band, he released an entire album of Halloween music that fits today's occasion pretty well if you ask us.

If you're inspired by Gosling's tunes and want to listen to more Halloween-appropriate music, check out Spotify's playlist for the holiday below, which kicks off with the incomparable Michael Jackson's "Thriller" because, of course, it does.