Saturday Night Live returned for its 43rd season last night, and the show's premiere didn't disappoint. After an opening skit wherein Alec Baldwin mocked President Donald Trump's response to the Puerto Rico crisis, Ryan Gosling lightened the subject matter with a hilarious monologue, lauding himself for "saving jazz" and shocking the crowd when he was joined by none other than his La La Land costar Emma Stone.

Gosling's self-congratulatory monologue was all about how he brought jazz back from the dead, and it drew ample laughter from the crowd.

"I mean, I haven't felt this excited since I saved jazz," Gosling said upon his entrance. "You guys know I saved jazz right? I did this movie La La Land and then everyone was saying that I saved jazz. I guess it was dying, and I saved it."

To make it even better, Stone comes on at the end of the scene, dropping a major truth bomb on her costar: "What are you doing? Ryan, you didn't save jazz. How many times have we talked about this?" Stone said. "Because you didn't save jazz. We saved jazz."

In addition to working together on La La Land, Gosling and Stone have been costars in Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad, making them quite the on-screen duo. Judging by the cheers of the SNL audience, fans were pretty excited to see these two reunited again.

We need another Gosling-Stone movie ASAP!