Ryan Gosling Has a German Doppelgänger and We CANNOT Tell Them Apart

What could possibly be better than one Ryan Gosling? No, not a trick question: TWO RYAN GOSLINGS. I’m not teasing you: It's basically a reality.

Ryan Gosling - Doppleganger
Steve Granitz/Getty

Ryan Gosling, the dreamy Canadian movie star who’s been stealing hearts by the theater-full since 2004 (The Notebook), has a very legitimate doppelgänger, and he’s liable to take your breath away.

Ladies, gents, et al., meet Johannes Laschet:

Still not punking you, that’s legitimately not Ryan Gosling.

STILL not Ryan.

Nope, not this one either.

Damn, he’s got that Gosling aesthetic down pat.

Our hearts can’t take this.

Laschet, whose Instagram claims he’s a Germany-based blogger, menswear enthusiast, and law student, has been active on the platform since March 2015. That’s right, Ryan II has been out there for over two years and we’re only **now** discovering him.

The next time you lose hope, think back to this moment. We have two Ryan Goslings—things can’t really be that bad, right?

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