Ryan Gosling Teases a Photo of His Baby Daughter, Talks Playground Politics with Ellen DeGeneres

Ryan Gosling - Ellen
Photo: Courtesy YouTube

Ryan Gosling and wife Eva Mendes are famously private when it comes to their kids, but the dad of two got candid on Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The actor spoke to host the host about his new arrival, Amada Lee, and the playground politics he's been teaching his eldest daughter, Esmeralda.

The actor even teased a photo of his two-week-old newborn, which Ellen DeGeneres projected for all to see. Unfortunately, it was not true likeness: The image featured a baby Photoshopped with DeGeneres's face.

Gosling went on to chat about his favorite ways to spend time with his eldest daughter and how she's reignited his former passion for graffiti.

He started off a story about the 20-month-old by explaining: "When I was a younger man I had a fantasy of getting into the graffiti world. I was living downtown, and I heard that if you tag over someone else's that's how you start a battle. So I did this for a few months and no one ever bothered to battle with me because I was so bad at it."

He then talked about their playground turf wars with another child, joking: "Some kid has been erasing her name and writing their name over it. So now I'm in a proper tagging battle. And this kid has access to an unfair amount of chalk. I'm trying to explain to my little girl that this is [unacceptable]. She doesn't care. She's like, 'Well, let's just chalk anywhere else,' and I'm like, 'No, no. They're disrespecting your mother. Because she gave you this name and they're erasing it.'"

Continuing to charm the audience, Gosling also weighed in on his realistic wax figure, working with Emma Stone on their third joint movie project, La La Land, and the "odd" way he found about those famous "Hey, girl" memes.

Watch Ryan talk fatherhood in the clip above.

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