Hey girl, it’s Ryan Gosling’s birthday, and you know what that means: It’s time to celebrate the myriad reasons why he’s one of our favorite heartthrobs. You know, aside from his rugged good looks.

Like all good investigative journalists, we have located the source of the Gosling hysteria, and it happens to be a little known movie called The Notebook. Before entering Nicholas Sparks’s universe, he was a proud member of the Mickey Mouse Club, a blonde and embattled Young Hercules, and the star of one too many murder mysteries.

Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

But after The Notebook, he was an emboldened heartthrob, the pinnacle of man, and the most hated actor alive by many a bitter boyfriend. His passionately uttered lines could be found on AIM away messages across the country, and his face alone launched a thousand memes. Hey girl, you know which ones.

And so, with one epic, legendary romantic comedy behind him, Gosling launched into a film career that could only be described as meteoric. No matter how many times he tried to inspire disgust—as a tattooed criminal, a suave con artist, or a serial womanizer—we only fell deeper in love.

In honor of his 37th birthday, we’ve rounded up 37 GIFs that will remind you why he is our ultimate #ManCrush—and The Notebook feels like the perfect place to start.

When he uttered this iconic line:

And then this one:

And this one:

And he found the perfect way to end an argument:

Over and over again:

When you can tell that he’s going in for a kiss:

And his eyes drop to her lips:

And then he does this with his face and you feel all sorts of ways:

And you've never in your life been so jealous:

Quick check in:

Good to keep going?

His eyebrows are a work of art:

See below for further confirmation:

His hair isn’t too bad either:

Oh and he’s got moves:

Starting in his Micky Mouse Club days:

His Elvis impersonation has always been killer:

And he knows how to move his hips:

He's not afraid of a little shimmy:

No, seriously:

He'll dance anytime, anywhere:

And he's great at ballroom:

But his expertise is in the slow dance:

Here’s a close up for further confirmation:

Is it getting hot in here?

Now it is:

His body has seriously gotten better with time:

He uses those muscles to do things like pick women up:

And carry them around:

And he can pick up Al Roker too:

Clearly, he has a great sense of humor:

Not to mention a great laugh:

He looks hot as hell with a baby:

And can make you jealous of a sloth:

Gosh, he can even make cereal look sexy:

So while he may be off the market:

He’ll never fail to make our hearts flutter:

Ryan, we think you know the answer.