Ryan Adams performs 2 Taylor Swift Covers on The Daily Show
Credit: Courtesy 'The Daily Show'

Following the success of his full-length album cover of Taylor Swift's bestselling 1989, Ryan Adams became Trevor Noah's very first musical guest since he took over The Daily Show earlier this week.

Adams and his band kicked off their appearance with a haunting acoustic rendition of "Blank Space" which was received with thunderous applause from the audience. Watch and listen here:

Noah admitted that he's a big fan of both artists. "What's interesting to me is that a lot of people thought you recorded this album ironically, and yet, you did not," Noah mused after the band's first set. "Yes," Adams responded with a smirk.

It took Adams's band just three weeks to put the entire cover album together, which he said is actually a long time for them.

For their final performance, the band shared their rock-and-roll reinterpretation of "Style." Watch the performance here: