Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shares Her Own Experience with Sexual Harassment

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is speaking out about the #MeToo movement and her own experience with sexual harassment. “I think it’s about time,” she told NPR host Nina Totenberg at the Sundance Film Festival.

“For so long women were silent, thinking there was nothing you could do about it,” she added. “But now the law is on the side of women or men who encounter harassment, and that’s a big thing.”

The longtime justice went on to detail her own experience with harassment. “Every woman of my vintage knows what sexual harassment is though we didn’t have a name for it then,” Ginsburg said, recalling a time when her college professor gave her a “practice exam” to use as a study guide, and it turned out to be identical to the real test.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

“I knew exactly what he wanted in return,” she said. “And that’s just one of many examples.”

“The attitude towards sexual harassment was ‘get past it, boys will be boys’. This was not considered anything you could do anything about, that the law could do anything about,” Ginsburg added.

As for the recent #MeToo movement, the Supreme Court justice isn’t worried about the backlash. “Let’s see where it goes,” she said. “So far it’s been great. When I see women appearing everywhere in numbers I am less worried about that.”

Confirmed: 84-year-old RBG is still a total badass.

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