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As Homeland's resident sniper Peter Quinn, Rupert Friend has had us rooting for him to take out the bad guys since day one. Now, the British actor is playing the role of another assassin in Hitman: Agent 47, in theaters Friday. As the titular Agent 47, Friend stars as a genetically-engineered killer who uses his superhuman skills to outsmart a corporation attempting to build its own army of deadly killers just like him. While Friend has quickly established himself as the ultimate dark and mysterious marksman onscreen, in real life, he's given us plenty of reasons to be on his side. Here's all you need to know about the guy who's about to give 007 a run for his money.

1. He's game to poke fun at himself.
Case in point: when he took to Instagram and referred to his "curiously-shaped head" as being the telltale sign that he's the bald Agent 47 in Hitman's promo poster.

2. His list of past co-stars includes a ton of "It-Brits."
Friend teams up with Hannah Ware in Hitman, but his streak of sharing the screen with British "It-girls" goes back to 2004, when he first co-starred with Rosamund Pike in The Libertine. The pair also appeared in 2005's Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley, whom Friend dated until 2011. He later starred opposite Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria in 2009, and that same year, he co-starred with future 50 Shades of Grey star Felicity Jones in Cheri.

3. He's been engaged to Aimee Mullins since 2014.
An athlete, model, and double amputee, Mullins was a muse for the late Alexander McQueen. She first hit the runway in the designer's Spring/Summer 1999 London show using a pair of hand-carved wooden prosthetic legs.

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4. He has nontraditional rom-com goals.
Friend's ideal onscreen love interest? "I want to be in [a romantic comedy] with someone who's not very likely [to be in one], like, sort of, Jodie Foster—someone who's very, very serious and known for being quite a serious actor, but they just have to do the full Jennifer Aniston," he tells PopSugar in the video below, just after the 4:00 mark.

5. He takes the time to chat with fans.
In March, Friend held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where he answered fans' burning questions about Homeland and beyond. Our top takeaway from the Q&A? Friend revealed that Quinn "doesn't really like jelly" and "he REALLY doesn't like waffles…" But luckily for us, he does like coffee—and drinking it shirtless, of course.

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6. He's all about a creative hashtag.
And he makes up some pretty great ones using the name of his Homeland character, Quinn. Our favorites: #QUINNvincible, #QUINNtessential, and #QUINNtervention.

See him in action in the trailer for Hitman: Agent 47 below, and catch the film in theaters on August 21.