Runway Looks We Love: Michael Kors

RLWL Fall 2015: Michael Kors
Photo: Stefano Masse /

Designer: Michael Kors

Location: Spring Studios

Notable guests: Kate Hudson, Allison Williams

What was it like: Michael Kors is no stranger to what his customers want without them even knowing what they want. And that's how he's built himself an empire of greatness that appeals to everyone, from the one-percent to the masses. This collection, though, was particularly terrific, with one hit after another. Everything felt shiny and new, yet innately familiar.

Why we love this collection: Kors succinctly summed up his fall/winter 2015 collection in two words: "opposites attract." The end result? A happy line-up of masculinity meets femininity. Straitlaced fuzzy sweaters found its counterpoint in romantic florals, preppy pieces met luxe furs, and tailored tweed separates grounded pretty lace things. It was glam without being overtly so, simple but not basic. Standouts from the show included the haberdashery capes, top-to-toe pajama dressing, cozy sweater sets, and, of course, modern eveningwear that ran from tuxedo gowns to fluid sparkles.

PHOTOS: Runway Looks We Love: Michael Kors

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