By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated Aug 14, 2015 @ 12:45 pm
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Rumi Neely is one of the fashion blogger OGs. She launched Fashion Toast in 2008, at the dawn of the era of fashion blogs, and it quickly became one of the top-trafficked sites. Like other fashion bloggers before her, she followed the typical path from little ol’ blogger to international superstar—she signed with an agency (Next), partnered with and modeled for brands (Hugo Boss and Forever 21, for example), and hawked items for retailers (Revolve, the blogger mecca, of course).

Her next step is a logical one—launching a line all her own. After all, she gets so much attention wearing everyone else’s clothes, why not do it herself? Enter Are You Am I, her recently-launched collection of Cali-inspired pieces made to showcase your inner fashion blogger. The name is a subtle tribute to the spelling of her first name, R-U-M-I. “This is basically my dream wardrobe,” Neely told us during a recent visit to InStyle’s New York offices. “Ever since I was in high school, I would ransack through stores and do as much as I could to customize pieces to where it felt like designing. This is basically the ultimate version of that.”

The resulting line she's created includes items you’d see on her blog—minimal coverage slip dresses, breezy cotton tees, lace-up booty shorts, and silk camis that will leave your bra completely exposed, for example, are the ingredients that make up the look she has so expertly curated. Each design is made in Los Angeles, and prices start at $80 for a tank and range up to $450 for a studded mini.

“Everything is beyond my aesthetic,” she said. “It is minimal, it’s casual. These are things that seem like they could be basic, but their details are so special that you feel like it’s an experience to wear them every time that you reach for them. It’s the complete final expression of myself through fabric.”

If it seems like the line is made to target wannabe Fashion Toasts, it’s because that’s exactly how Neely wants it. “I’m not looking to make palatable to every consumer,” she explained. “I’m making exactly what I want, what I want to wear, without having to answer to anyone.”

She doesn’t have to. Her fans, among them over 632,000 Instagram followers, already love the line, which first went on sale in December 2014. “It’s an amazing journey to start your own brand from scratch,” she said. “It’s like a whole new learning curve, it’s a whole new set of problems that you didn’t even know could exist. But it’s also my complete fantasy come true.”

Scroll down to see a few more pieces from the line and shop the collection now at

Kell Micro Stud Mini, $450;

Auren Dress, $270;

Cuyler Suede Shorts, $380;

Ceven Tank, $90;