Let Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's eldest eat pancakes in the tub, please. 


Haters gonna hate, but don’t forget, Rumer Willis is The Lion, and you’re about to hear her roar.

Rumer, 30, is the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and as such, is no stranger to the pressures that come with being a celebrity spawn. One of such pressures, of course, is the inevitable comparisons people will draw to your parents and their careers.

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Credit: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Willis was just chillin’ on a Saturday (which happened to be 4/20, make no mistake) when she decided to tell her nearly 700,000 followers about an enviably luxurious activity she'd taken part in: “I ate in the 🛁.” Pancakes. In. The. Tub. What a wonderful world.

It wasn’t long before a sarcastic troll (aptly named Regina George) came for Rumer and her magical Saturday, writing, “At 30, mom had a Golden Globe for Ghost and dad had 2 Die Hards under his belt. But eating pancakes in the bath ... you put them to shame.”

First off, who’s competing? And second, a quick Google search proves that Bruce Willis was actually 33 when the first Die Hard came out, so Rumer has a full three years to become her generation’s most prominent action star (kidding).

Anyway, the actress (and singer!) hit back with a dose of wit, writing, “Thank you for bringing this to my attention next time I share a post bath pic I will make sure I reach EGOT status first so as not to bring shame on the Houses of Moore and Willis.”

Proving just how unbothered she was by the remark, she continued, “Also tried some vegan mozzarella today .... and it was life changing.”

Fellow actress Ruby Rose came to Willis’s defense as well, writing, “Clearly you have never had pancakes in the bath.” I mean, I think that goes without saying — don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, Regina.

P.S. You could make the case that a pancake is, geometrically, a golden globe, so really Rumer’s winning on every count.