Rumer Willis Lead
Credit: Walter McBride/WireImage

Rumer Willis changes her hair like she changes her clothes: practically on a daily basis. We’re only kind of exaggerating—and she said as much herself!

“What I wear depends on my haircut,” she told the New York Post. “I don’t even notice it, but if I have longer hair I definitely dress more girly.”

And if you’re having a hard time keeping up with whether she’s long or short on any given day, so is she—but it’s all in the name of hair health.

“I’ve been dyeing my hair a lot and it’s been kind of getting trashed at the ends … I just got to a point where I just wanted to cut it all off, kind of start fresh,” she previously told People. “I think with women, we put so much of our emotional stuff in our hair, and I think sometimes you just want to kind of chop it off and start over.”

And when she’s short, that’s when she embraces her edgier side. “Recently, I’ve really been into suits,” she told the NYP. “I love the Kooples, and I’m really digging that whole androgynous, woman-in-a-suit thing. I’m always looking for something different, not necessarily what’s trendy. I’m the most feminine tomboy you’ve ever met.”

As someone who grew up surrounded by fashion (we can’t even imagine the gems hiding inside her mom Demi Moore’s closet!), it’s no surprise Willis told the newspaper that she’d love to dabble in the art of design sometime in the future. But what is surprising is the type of clothing she’d first create.

“I’m obsessed with lingerie and pajamas,” Willis told the Post. “I’d love to do a store that I curate that has pretty much all of my favorite things: blankets, really cozy bed sheets, pillows, all of that. I love being comfortable—I have a collection of like 20 onesies. My friends joke around with me because I’m known for, like, my pillows, my mattress and my sheets.”

She adds, laughing: “My bed game is very strong.” (So that’s what they mean by “living the dream.”)

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