Rumer and Tallulah Willis, Demi Moore’s Daughters, Are Certified BFFs

Rumer Tallulah and Demi Moore
Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images

Forget sibling rivalry because there’s nothing but love between the Willis sisters.

On Tuesday 28-year-old Rumer Willis, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s eldest daughter, used her celebrity platform to share a moment of sisterly bonding that’s seriously making us want to pick up the phone and call our own siblings, ASAP. In a stunning in-bed selfie, Rumer smiles for the camera and lends her rock-and-roll aesthetic to the snap. However, what truly moved us about the post was the caption.

“Heading to bed feeling so blessed to have been reminded what it is to truly share a piece of yourself with someone and have them hold it with the same care and love that they would for themselves,” she began. “@Buuski [Tallulah], my twin, you make me better every day. You are a beautiful unicorn and I love you so. Thank you for your words, wisdom, and love.”

Clearly, Rumer and her little 22-year-old sister Tallulah (@Buuski on Instagram) share a close, special bond that only siblings have. But don’t think Scout, Moore’s 25-year-old middle child, is missing out on familial love. In addition to regularly making appearances next to her sisters, Scout also recently used social media to express her adoration for Mom.

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“This elegant, tough, wildly intelligent woman has always called on me to question my part in things and take responsibility for my life,” she wrote, wishing Moore a happy 54th birthday. “I am so grateful to have been grown by this fiercely magical Scorpio. I love you mama.”

Time to call our moms, dads, sisters, and brothers, stat.

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