Ruby Rose - Sick on instagram
Credit: rubyrose/Instagram

It's no secret Ruby Rose is stunning ... but, not even a sick day can steal her swagger. The Orange Is the New Black actress has been battling a bad case of tonsillitis, which caused her to cancel several of her upcoming DJ gigs, but she still has managed to look amazing while nursing herself back to health.

"Woke up in a bed of sweat. Dreamt I was in the sun getting too hot, then swimming... Not the same was just over heating and laying in a wet bed.. Send ginger, soup and my mother or someone else's mother :(," Rose captioned a model-esque, makeup free selfie that showed her tucked under the covers with her hair disheveled, striking an effortless pose as her glittery nails cover part of her face.

Even though everyone gets sick every now and then, Rose still defended herself for needing to take some time off to get better, after she received criticism for canceling her shows due to her tonsillitis. "Because this is totally where I'd rather be right now, rather than performing for my fans... Where I played last year and had a blast... Never let people make you feel bad for being sick and ALWAYS put your health first we have one life and one body," she captioned another photo of herself in bed. "We are all human."

In it, Rose can be seen sitting in bed in front of a pile of medicine with a black mug in one hand and a bowl in the other—still looking flawless. It's possible that Rose might actually be superhuman. Aside from those photos, she did, after all, take on a jellyfish sting like a champ (in a cutout bikini, no less).