The Royals Are Having Video Chat Meetings, and We Have So Many Questions

Who tells the Queen to mute when she isn't speaking?

Royal Family Video Chats
Photo: Photo Illustration/ Images from Getty Images

With social distancing being enacted across the world in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), everyone, from grandma to that acquaintance you’ve been “let’s get together soon”-ing since the dawn of time, has entered the Zoom chat.

And yes, this includes royalty! And not just young, hip, consciously un-monarchy-ing royals, but established, Corgi-obsessed ones like the actual Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth has reportedly been communicating with friends and family members using (some admittedly more old school) technology like Skype and FaceTime.

Spanish royals Queen Letizia and King Felipe have even been photographed using Zoom. Though, unlike us, the Spanish monarchs actually changed out of their pajamas for the occasion.

King Felipe & Queen Letizia - Spanish Royals Meet Social Entities On Video Conference
Handout/Getty Images

Zoom is clearly the way of the future — or, well, present. But when it comes to royals, we have a few — or, 10 — questions about their newfound tech savviness.

1. Are There Curtsies Involved?

Are we going full-body mode, showing off our romantic comedy posters as we bow to reigning monarchs in the yoga pants we’ve been wearing for three days?

2. Who Tells the Queen to Mute When She Isn’t Speaking?

My money’s on Harry.

3. Are There Formal Introductions?

Does someone with a booming voice stand offscreen and announce “HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN” when Liz enters the chat?

4. Are Pets Featured?

Does the Queen hold her dorgis (dachshund-corgi mixes) Vulcan and Candy up to the screen while everyone else feigns vague interest and supplies weak “cute”s?

5. Are the Royal Kids Distracting Their Parents Offscreen?

Prince George did something really cool with Legos and he just wants mum to acknowledge it, OK!

6. Does the Queen’s Guard Physically Remove Uninvited Guests from the Chat?

7. Do They Make Weird Noises to Redirect the Main Camera?

If Kate wants to show everyone her bouncy blowout, she should be able to “ahem” as loud as she damn well pleases.

8. Who Does the “OK, Nice to See You” Wrap Up?


9. Are There Awkward Pauses?

Does Meghan attempt to fill them by reminding everyone how they can watch her Disney + documentary?

10. Who’s the First to Bring Up Tiger King?

Something tells us Prince Philip is a fan.

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