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If you tuned into the series premiere of The Royals last night, then you’ve already met the next King of England: Prince Liam, played by William Moseley. Starring as the monarchy’s future ruler in the series, the Chronicles of Narnia actor is familiar with playing a reigning role. “This is actually my fourth time playing a regal character,” Moseley told InStyle when he stopped by our offices to chat about E!’s salacious new drama.

This time, Moseley is far from his former Kingdom of Narnia. To portray the scandal-prone heir to England’s throne, he studied Prince Harry for inspiration—but he assured us that the show isn’t trying to mirror the current monarchy in any way. “We’re a completely fictional British royal family,” he said. That sense of fantasy is evident even in the costumes seen in last night’s premiere. “In one scene, there's a girl serving dinner in a French maid’s outfit,” Moseley said. “Obviously that would never happen in the royal palace.”

But in the over-the-top realm of The Royals, anything goes. And Moseley is determined to keep his character grounded, despite the fact that he’s in line to become the next king of England after his older brother’s death. “We wanted to keep Liam real,” he said. “So yes, he’s the prince, but he’s also kind of your regular guy.”

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While his character may act like a civilian at times, Moseley's onscreen mom isn’t having any of it. The queen, played by Elizabeth Hurley, “puts all of this pressure on Liam,” said Moseley, which leads to some serious tension in the palace. Luckily, there's no drama between the pair offscreen. “Elizabeth is very cool—and she’s brilliant,” Moseley said. “I really listen to her, and I try to take the lessons that she’s learned to help me with my own career and life.” To keep up with The Royals, tune into E! on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.