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The Royals has offered up some pretty huge shocks so far, but last week's episode threw out a curveball that no one saw coming. In the E! show's biggest scandal to date, it was revealed that Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and Prince Liam (William Moseley) might not have been fathered by the king—meaning, of course, they may not have any claim to the throne after all. The paternity shocker was definitely unexpected, but we've known that Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) has been carrying on a years-long affair with war hero Alistair Lacey (Noah Huntley) since episode two. And that makes us think he's the top contender for being the heirs' true biological dad.

We chatted with Huntley when he stopped by InStyle's offices a few months back, and according to the British actor, his character's relationship with the queen is the real deal. But even if Alistair does turn out to be the illegitimate father of Helena's kids, don't expect to see him strolling around the palace in broad daylight any time soon. "He has to be fairly nondescript to remain anonymous and enigmatic in the shadows," Huntley said, pointing out that he and the queen aren't the only ones engaging in such scandalous behavior. "Everyone’s going through secret doorways in the palace into other people’s bedrooms and having lewd affairs."

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But the fact that Alistair and Helena have been sneaking around for such a long time makes this tryst stand out. And while their relationship is certainly non-traditional, Huntley understands why they've kept it going for so many years. "Alistair is pretty withdrawn, and some deep part of his heart is yearning for something that could have been, which has become incredibly romantic," he said. Plus, "Helena's relationship with the king is not a happy one, and she’s still hankering after this true love that she had outside of the media—before all of the nonsense."

So, will the latest royal bombshell ultimately reveal Helena's affair? We should find out soon enough, especially if the results of Liam and Eleanor's DNA tests aren't a match for King Simon (Vincent Regan), proving that the queen was unfaithful. If Huntley's character does turn out to be the kids' father, it wouldn't be a total shock—even according to the actor himself. "The king and queen's son, Prince Liam, looks uncannily like me," he said. And this isn't the first time that he and Moseley have been cast together because of their similar looks. "We played the same character at different ages in Narnia—William was the young Peter and I was King Peter," Huntley said, adding that "it's quite a funny little thing."

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To find out if their look-alike characters on The Royals are really related, tune in to E! on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.