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Updated Dec 21, 2015 @ 7:45 am
The Royals recap LEAD
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The Royals love their diamonds. And on last night’s episode of the E! series, the sparkling stones were everywhere. First, Mandy (Sarah Dumont) convinces Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) to wear the rare and heavily guarded Koh-I-Noor Diamond to her upcoming joint birthday party with her twin brother, Prince Liam (William Moseley). After getting the palace’s official OK to wear the diamond—which technically belongs to the people of England—for the night, Eleanor has the jewel set into a dazzling necklace for the 24 hours that it’s hers.

The Royals recap EMBED 1
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But unbeknownst to the princess, her new flame has ulterior motives. Mandy—who’s really Samantha, a con-artist working with bodyguard Jasper (Tom Austen)—takes note of the necklace’s design and has an exact replica made to look just like it. She plans to swap the two during the birthday celebration and run off with Jasper, but he’s no longer interested in the get-rich-quick scheme that initially brought him to the palace. He changed his mind long ago when he first fell for Eleanor, and he’s not about to ruin her birthday by stealing the monarchy's most valuable piece of property when it's in her possession. Jasper tries to warn Eleanor, but she’s having none of it. She tells him to “stop being such a jealous ex-bodyguard.” So with both of his former girlfriends ignoring his many protests, there’s nothing for Jasper to do but watch as Mandy set her plan in motion.

The Royals recap EMBED 2
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Ever the good girlfriend, she’s teamed up with Liam’s friends to throw the prince and princess a truly fun birthday party. There’s everything from a dunk tank to bumper cars, or “dodge 'ems,” as Eleanor refers to them. While Liam and his new love interest, Wilhelmina (Genevieve Gaunt), play beer pong with a pair of middle-aged ambassadors, Eleanor runs into Imogen, one of the girls that she met while visiting a rehab on her charity tour last season. Seeing Imogen cleaned up and doing well makes Eleanor happy—until she meets Imogen’s controlling boyfriend and realizes that the girl’s troubles are far from gone.

There’s no time for the princess to help Imogen tonight though. She meets Mandy in her bedroom to thank her for the party. Mandy sheepishly asks to try on the diamond necklace, and manages to distract a drunk Eleanor as she swaps out the real one for the fake. As soon as they head back to the party, Mandy tells Jasper that it’s done–but he’s not letting her get away so quickly. He tries to tell Eleanor what’s going on, but she won’t listen. He chases Mandy into the palace’s secret tunnel to stop her—and that’s when Eleanor appears, confused. She demands to know what’s going on, and Jasper rips the necklace off her neck, shattering the stone as it falls to the ground. He explains that it’s a copy, showing Eleanor that Mandy’s trying to escape with the real diamond.

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Shocked and hurt, Eleanor takes off the diamond earrings that her grandmother gave to her as a gift in last week’s episode. She hands them to Mandy, saying that if this was all just about taking things from her, they can have them. Mandy tells Jasper that it’s “now or never, babe,” and he lets her run off. He follows suit, leaving a teary-eyed princess behind. Only Jasper isn’t trying to hurt Eleanor. He’s really just trying to get the earrings back from Mandy and convince her to stay as he gives her a speech about love and second chances. Realizing that he’s talking about his own relationship with Eleanor and not hers, Mandy tells Jasper that his weakness has always been that he’s “really sweet.” And then she leaves.

The Royals recap EMBED 3
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A crying Eleanor heads back to her party, where she casually starts a small fire. Everyone evacuates when the sprinklers go off, leaving Eleanor all alone. She sulks into in one of her beloved “dodge ‘ems,” oblivious to the fact that Jasper is watching her from across the room. Seeing the damage that he’s done, he even sheds a tear. Aw, Jasper.

He’s not the only one witnessing this intimate moment for the princess. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) also shows up at this point, and sees Jasper watching her crying daughter. Instead of comforting Eleanor, Helena just stands there watching her too. The queen has had a hard episode herself—she went to her lover Alistair’s house, believing that her former trusted servant had him killed. But Alistair Lacey (Noah Huntley) proves to be very much alive. Realizing he was in danger, Alistair explains that he was “prepared” when the men showed up to murder him. He tells the queen that he wants nothing to do with her, which ultimately prompts her to admit that she isn’t sure whether or not he’s the father of her kids. Wanting to know the truth, Alistair cuts himself and gives Helena a bloody tissue to use for a paternity test. And he warns that she better hold onto her relationship with her kids, or she’ll end up entirely alone.

Of course, being alone is a fear running rampant through the monarchy at the moment. Just so he has someone who actually cares about him by his side for once, cancer-stricken King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) starts dating his former chamber maid. After the pair goes out on their first official date night, Cyrus heads to the room where the royal jewels are kept. But he’s not there for the Koh-I-Noor Diamond, which he notes Eleanor is late in returning. Instead, Cyrus pulls out a different diamond from the glass case—an engagement ring.

Helena better watch herself, because it looks like Cyrus is about to crown a new queen.

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