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Nov 30, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

Sometimes, The Royals just need to let loose. And so on last night’s episode of the E! drama, that’s exactly what Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and Prince Liam (William Moseley) did. We saw the monarchy’s resident twins head to the opening of a nightclub in Chelsea, London, to escape the palace and ever-present paparazzi for a bit. It was the perfect occasion for the pair to get lost in the crowd and enjoy themselves—but not without a few hiccups along the way.

First, Liam and Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) have a less-than-happy reunion in New York City. She’s upset after discovering that she got her spot in a dance company thanks to a favor called in by the palace, rather than on her own merit. Liam claims not to have known about the arrangement—although he was relieved that she left his world behind, if only for her own safety. After a stroll through Central Park, it becomes clear that Ophelia isn’t going to take Liam back anytime soon. They return to her apartment and she sends Liam off, telling him to go back to England once and for all. But he returns, begging her to try and make it work—only for her old love interest, Nick (Tom Ainsley), to walk in and call her “Babe.” Poor, poor prince.


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As Liam heads back to London—and is publicly commended for flying coach, because he’s a people’s prince like that—his sister Eleanor is getting some peace and quiet, much to her dismay. Her on-again boyfriend, Beck (Andrew Cooper), has whisked her away to the country for a surprise romantic and drug-free weekend, but all the princess wants to do is skip out on her semi-intervention and get back to partying. So she sneaks out of Beck’s house in the middle of the night and heads to the club, decked out in an outfit that only Eleanor could pull off. “She’s wearing lingerie by Agent Provocateur to this massive warehouse party,” the show’s costume designer, Rachel Walsh, tells InStyle. “The nightclub scene is quite dark, and her look is just phenomenal. It’s an amazing standout piece for her.”


And her look attracted a new friend, even though Eleanor was riding solo for her night out. A model named Mandy (Sarah Dumont) protects her from paparazzi inside the club, and the two bond immediately. “There are a lot of new female characters this season, and we tried to give Mandy real American flavor so that she looks very different from all of the British characters who live in the palace,” said Walsh. “She cuts through the Britishness, and her look feels different but familiar.”


After receiving words of wisdom from her new BFF, Eleanor sneaks back into Beck’s country house. She apologizes for leaving and shares her fear that she’ll always be a “loud, messy, sh—tshow princess.” Beck doesn’t think that’s true, although he realizes that Eleanor needs to do whatever it takes to cope with her recent family traumas. And unfortunately for the couple, while Eleanor is currently craving “noise” in her life, Beck is just looking for some quiet these days. So, they call it quits once again—because they’ve never had good timing, after all.


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Meanwhile, as the younger royals are away from the palace, King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) gets a medical update. He learns that the only way he’ll beat testicular cancer is to have the operation he’s been dreading: the removal of one of his very personal crown jewels. With Cyrus temporarily out of commission, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) starts her own war with the new female Deputy Prime Minister. Unimpressed by the current acting PM, Helena’s ready to show her who London’s HBIC really is.

After insulting her “knockoff Jimmy Choos,” the queen returns with a pair of real Jimmy Choo pumps as a peace offering of sorts. The Prime Minister refuses to take the bribe, explaining that they’re two of a kind, but she’s the one in “a more relevant position of power” and can convince the people to do away with the monarchy. Of course, the queen has no plans to become irrelevant anytime soon. And if there’s one thing she’s proved so far, it’s that she’ll do anything to win.

To see what happens next, tune into The Royals on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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