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Last night on The Royals, England’s elite traded in their ball gowns for bikinis. Picking up just after last week’s drama-filled masquerade at the palace, our fave Brits jetted off to Monaco for some much-needed R&R. And while the weekend abroad gave us a glimpse at the royals outside of their normal habitat, they didn’t hold back when it came to filling their suitcases with outfits that were still majorly glam.

“Since they’re in the South of France, we used a lot of pastel tones and relaxed fabrics,” the E! series' costume designer, Rachel Walsh, tells InStyle. “It’s very colorful, but it’s a lot lighter than what we usually see them in.”

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While most of the characters embraced a softer look, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) didn’t stray too far from her usual getups as she reunited with an old flame. “Eleanor still stays true to what she wears, and she’s still in black,” says Walsh. “But now, she’s in little hot pants!”

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As Eleanor and her brother, Liam (William Moseley), were off frolicking in pools and casinos, their mother, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), stirred up some drama of her own. But while seducing her daughter’s former fling may have kept Hurley’s character busy back at the palace, the actress still played a huge part in the episode’s vacation scenes. “Elizabeth has an amazing line of swimwear, and we used a lot of her pieces,” says Walsh. “She was so generous—she literally gave me her whole collection to use.”

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So, exactly which looks were designed by Hurley? “The beaded caftans and the vast majority of the swimwear in the episode are all hers,” says Walsh of the line, which is available at “It has such a cohesive look in terms of the fabrics and the palette.”

The backdrop of an ultra-modern all-white villa completed the episode’s overall look. “I wanted it to be really clean,” says Walsh. “The palace is very British and full of antiquity, whereas this was very simplistic and contemporary. It’s a really nice contrast to what we’ve seen before.”

Credit: Courtesy E!

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