Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William Came Together for an Important New Project

The royal couples reunited after splitting their offices in June. 

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Kate Middleton have reunited for one very important cause.

The two royal couples joined forces to lend their voices for a new PSA video created by Public Health England as a centerpiece of its Every Mind Matters program.

The video is set to make its debut across major broadcasters in the U.K on Monday evening and will also include stars Glenn Close and Gillian Anderson. Penned by Four Weddings and a Funeral creator Richard Curtis, the spot is meant to be a simple way to help everyone take charge of taking care of their mental health.

Prince William takes point in the 60-second clip. When the PSA debuts, it will actually be two and a half minutes in length.

"Everyone knows that feeling, when life gets on top of us," he says. "Me, you..." Harry continues his sentence.

"...your brother, your mother, your friend, your colleague, your neighbor," adds Harry. "We feel stressed, low, anxious or have trouble sleeping. We think there is nothing to be done, nothing we can do about it." Meghan then reminds viewers that there are indeed solutions.

“There are things we can do," Meghan said. “From today, there’s a new way to help turn things around. Every Mind Matters will show you simple ways to look after your mental health.” The clip brings Kate around to explain what Every Mind Matters can help with.

"It’ll get you started with a free online plan designed to help you deal with stress, boost your mood, improve your sleep and feel more in control." The online tool can help assist people with simple steps to follow to improve their mental health. This includes offering a personalized plan to recommend a set of various self-care suggestions meant to help target stress, help users improve sleep, and boost their mood.

This is the first time the two couples have joined forces for charitable endeavors following their decision to split from their joint charity, The Royal Foundation, in June 2019. The couples created two separate offices as part of their joint court, with Meghan and Harry's initially moving into Buckingham Palace.

William and Kate's office remained in Kensington Palace. Despite the split, however, the family has been largely committed to working together for change. They've simply taken different approaches to doing so. This clip marks the first time the two royal couples have been seen working in tandem since, and it looks like it's for a great cause. Perhaps they have additional projects coming down the pipeline as well.

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