Monaco's 3-Year-Old Twin Prince and Princess Could Not Be Cuter in Their Family Christmas Card

In case you hadn't heard yet, the royal family of Monaco has two of the cutest 3-year-old royals in the world, and they're already celebrating the holiday season.

Prince Charles and Princess Gabriella celebrated their third birthday earlier in the week, and they're kicking off year three with an adorable photo. On Thursday, their mom Princess Charlene shared a photo of their Christmas card, and it couldn't be cuter.

Prince Charles and Princess Gabriella of Monaco, 2017

In the photo, the twins sit under a Christmas tree while smiling and—in Princess Gabriella's case—clutching a holiday-themed decoration.

It's fun to see how much the twins have grown in a year; Princess Charlene also shared their card last year, and the tots stole the show there, too.

The twins celebrated their birthday on Sunday, and their dad Prince Albert II told People that it involved two separate parties spread over multiple days.

He described the events as "great fun," and we're inclined to believe it.

We already can't wait to see next year's royal family Christmas card; we bet it'll be adorable.

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