By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Aug 02, 2017 @ 9:45 am

For every perk of being royalty, it seems like there are at least 10 rules they need to follow—especially when it comes to fashion. Though many appear crazy to us commoners (we're looking at you, Prince George's shorts and Princess Beatrice's hat), they're actually deeply rooted in history.

Take, for example, the wardrobe requirements for traveling abroad. According to The Independent, when any member of the royal family travels to another country, he or she must pack a black ensemble appropriate for mourning. The rule is in place in case anyone in the family dies while they're away. This ensures they're dressed appropriately when they arrive home in England. Yikes.

Though grim, this rule is actually based on a very real occurrence. Viewers of The Crown will remember the scene when Queen Elizabeth learned of her father's death while traveling to Kenya with Prince Philip. Because she hadn't packed a black dress, the Queen was forced to wait on the plane until one was delivered. Appearing before the mourning public in anything other than black would have been wildly inappropriate. The historically-accurate scene is why members of the royal family are now required to pack a black ensemble whenever they travel. Morbid? Yes. But practical, too.

Although we're glad to know they're always prepared, we hope they never have to unpack their funeral attire.