Royal Family Photographer Dishes on the Best Thing About Photographing Prince George

Prince George Photographer - Lead
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty

No surprise, Prince George is already a natural in front of the camera at the ripe old age of three. The adorable royal, who celebrated his third birthday today, has appeared in dozens of snaps that have showcased his personality and precocious behavior.

Many of those were taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson, who dished on why taking photos of the tot has made shooting the royal family "more exciting," and how the little one continues to give him photographic inspiration. Jackson told the Huffington Post that George and his little sister, Charlotte, have added "a whole new, exciting dimension to my genre of photography."

"As a photographer you are much more likely to create something that people associate with," Jackson continued. "Prince George is always great fun to photograph, unpredictable, smiling and in awe of so many of the exciting things he sees on Royal engagements."

Prince George Photographer - Embed
Chris Jackson/Getty

One of those engagements was Charlotte's christening, when George tried to chat up his great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. "Prince George was talking to the monarch and started pointing at her hat and asking questions," he said. "The Queen bent down and was talking to him. It made a touching image and for me illustrated how happy the addition of George to the family has made the Queen."

"The great thing about photographing George is his curiosity and (of course!) lack of adherence to Royal protocol that older members of the royal family are bound by," Jackson continued. "If something looks interesting, touch it! If something is funny, laugh! If things look scary, hide!"

In honor of the prince's third birthday, Jackson put together a collage of photos he's taken of the tot over the years. Take a peek at the sweet tribute!

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