According to His Horoscope, the Royal Baby’s Got a Rebellious Streak

Royal Baby Horoscope
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To much fanfare, Prince William and Kate Middleton became parents of three on Monday, welcoming a baby boy into the royal family. And while we don’t even know the young prince’s name yet (Albert? Arthur?), there’s a lot we can glean just from his delivery date.

Not only did he make his debut on his expected due date (points for punctuality!) and claim St. Georges Day as his birthday, but his astrological chart also contains some pretty clear hints about his fledgling personality, according to astrologer Kathy Biehl.

“He will be a force to be reckoned with!” Biehl tells InStyle, describing Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger brother as “popular, outgoing, charismatic, and regal," according to his horoscope. "His chart combines a warm, affable personality with great strength and the bearing of royalty. He will also be someone that many of us would enjoy knowing personally.”

"His Cancer ascendant gives him a sweet, nurturing quality and an awareness of family, country, and tradition,” says Biehl, pointing to one characteristic that makes him particularly suitable for political life: “He's a natural public speaker, too. His communication planet, Mercury, is in feisty, take-charge, self-starting Aries. He won't hesitate to speak his mind and fight for what he believes in."

Keep a close eye on this prince—according to the cosmos, says Biehl, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child will also have something of a rebellious streak. “He may cycle through interests and will not go for the traditional. He's got an innovative, unconventional streak.”

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And he has one important astrological trait with Queen Elizabeth. “His Taurus sun is practical and down to earth,” says Biehl, adding “just like his great-grandmum, the Queen’s! It's in his house of public life and career, too. So like her, his purpose is to serve out in the world, only with his own unique streak."

He’ll also likely share his grandmother’s puppy love. “An attachment to animals is probable, and he could be an advocate for them as well."

And there’s no question about it: This boy was born to be a royal. “His moon—his emotional core—is in Leo, the sign of royalty,” says Biehl, who expects him to be “lion-hearted: warm, generous, proud, playful, fiercely loyal, and comfortable with being the center of attention.” That’ll serve him well in the spotlight, as will his strong foundation. “Under all this are a fierce determination, personal power, and charisma, coupled with a simple and direct approach to interacting with people."

That’s a whole lot to take away from his April 23 birthday, but we feel like we practically know the little prince already.

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