Toby Huntington-Whiteley LEAD
Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images

It's clear good genes run in this family.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's look-alike younger brother, Toby, is getting a ton of attention ... and just one look at his Instagram page will show you it's well-deserved.

So, what is it about this 25-year-old hottie that has the ladies swooning (aside from his good looks)? Check out our 5 fast facts about Toby Huntington Whiteley.

1. He's a model, just like his older sis: Toby, who stands at 6'4, is repped by the UK's Models 1, and recently shot a spreads for Essence lifestyle magazine, Jon magazine, and served as the face of the Jacamo SS15 campaign.

2. He works hard to keep his body in tip-top shape: Toby, who doubles as a personal trainer, said in a recent interview that he mixes up his workouts and tries to "do some sort of cardio every day whether it's cycling to work or sprints on the treadmill." He continued, "My favorite exercises are the big compound movement like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and bench presses. I enjoy working towards building my strength and these are the best exercises to get stronger. He works—and works out—at the Workshop Gym at London's Bulgari Hotel.

3. He gives back: Toby is also the fitness coordinator for The SPAT (Social Purpose and Time), which provides fitness incentives for homeless and disadvantaged youth. During an interview about the organization, founder James Gilley said, "My journey began with a promise I made at a friend's funeral back in 2011, but it truly came alive when three others; Alex Eagle, James Butler and Toby Huntington-Whiteley also volunteered their time and passion."

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4. He's an adventure-seeking, travel lover and a foodie: Toby often shares photos from his world travels, including his recent trips to Budapest, Mauritius, and Paris for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. While visiting La Vanille Crocodile Park in Mauritius, the model shared a photo of himself hanging out with a turtle. "Love these guys thanks @aliciarountree for showing us around. #newbesties #Taylormorristravels," he captioned the photo.

As for grub, Toby has said he can't get enough of Italian food, fresh fish and salad dishes, also can't resist sharing food snaps on social media. "Yummy Scrummy #personalparadise #Taylormorristravels," he captioned a particularly delicious looking plate of seafood pasta.

5. He has a close relationship with his sister (who no doubt got him that VS fashion show hook up): In a 2010 interview, Rosie said she does all that she can for her family, adding that she "spoils" her brother and sister, loves "them to bits" and "makes sure they have everything they need."