By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jan 07, 2018 @ 8:15 pm

Social justice was the point of conversation at the 2018 Golden Globes, so it’s fitting that a new trailer for Rose McGowan’s new five-part documentary, Citizen Rose, was released during the red carpet broadcast of the awards show.

The new E! show follows the activist, who was among the first women to come forward and accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment in 2017, as she works to release her new memoir, Brave.

“I have been silenced. I have been harassed. I have been slut-shamed. Just like you,” she says to a crowd in the new trailer.

“You are formally invited into my mind and world. I am thrilled to partner with E! to amplify my message of bravery, art, joy, and survival,” she previously said in a statement. “As I ready my book, Brave, I realized I wanted to show how we can heal through art even when being hounded by evil. I want to have a conversation with everyone, and most especially, you, about looking at things differently and seeing beauty everywhere.”

During the evening of the Golden Globes, McGowan sounded off on the men and women wearing black to protest sexual assault and harassment on the red carpet (she previously called it a "silent protest").

McGowan responded to a tweet by Asia Argento, who had written, "No one should forget that you were the first one who broke the silence. Anyone who tries to diminish your work is a troll and an enemy of the movement. You gave me the courage to speak out. I am on your side until I die."

"And not one of those fancy people wearing black to honor our rapes would have lifted a finger had it not been so," McGowan replied. "I have no time for Hollywood fakery, but you I love, [Asia Argento]."

The two-hour premiere of Citizen Rose will air on E! on Tuesday, Jan. 30.