Rose Byrne Looks So Different With Platinum Blonde Hair

Rose Byrne Platinum Blonde
Photo: Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Going from brunette to blonde isn't a change that can always happen overnight. That's why Rose Byrne has spent the last year or so gradually going lighter.

When you're naturally a dark brunette like Byrne, bleaching your hair in one sitting can be extremely damaging. Starting off with highlights, then going lighter and lighter during at every salon appointment is an alternative route to platinum that's a whole lot easier on your hair. Judging from the actress' blonde journey, this is exactly what she's done to get her hair this blonde.

Byrne first showed off her honey blonde highlights on Instagram a year ago, eventually going lighter until she ended up with bright blonde hair with contrasting dark roots. Now, she's finally platinum.

The actress' makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted an Instagram photo of Byrne getting ready for a night in New York City. While her soft, glowy makeup is gorgeous, it's impossible not to notice her new icy, cool-toned blonde hair.

For Byrne's new full-on blonde look, her colorist took the bleach all the way up to her roots. Since platinum is notoriously difficult to maintain, this method can buy the actress more time between touch-up appointments with her colorist. Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh styled Byrne's fresh blonde hair in a sleek, slicked-back look.

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While Byrne looks almost unrecognizable with her hair this light, she looks amazing as a brunette and a blonde. So, if you've a dark brunette who's been dreaming of going blonde, take the actress' hair change as proof that your own platinum dreams can come true, too.

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