By InStyle Staff
Updated Sep 12, 2013 @ 8:06 am
Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Dianna Argon and John D'Leo
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

It was a night of movie premieres for Hollywood, as Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson celebrated their new thriller, Insidious: Chapter 2 at Universal City, California while co-stars Dianna Agron and John D'Leo premiered their mob comedy, The Family at Lincoln Square in New York City. "I’m excited that [the movie] is out, it’s here and our hard work will be shown," Agron told "It always feels when you’re working that you’re just doing something for you and it’s very fun and that would be great even if it never came out, but at the end of the day, the hard work, the crew, the cast, everybody it should be seen by somebody," she laughed. "It's just nice and we’re so proud of it – it’s a great experience." In the film, Agron and D'Leo star as Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer's children who relocate to Normandy, France as part of the witness protection program to live a normal life away from their mafia-affiliated clan. In the complete opposite movie genre, Insidious follows the Lambert family (played by Byrne and Wilson) as they discover a haunting secret that keeps them connected to the dangerous spirit world. Both films will hit theaters on September 13th.

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—Reporting by Roxy Kirshenbaum