Now that Booker has dropped out, it appears he and his girlfriend are somewhat split politically.


Now that he's no longer in the running to be president, Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson have made their endorsements — and they appear to be somewhat split politically.

On Tuesday, Dawson shared on Instagram, "I got to vote for Bernie again and I did," urging her followers to register to vote: "Whoever it is that you’re supporting I hope that you are doing it consciously, with heart and with a ballot."

Since Dawson campaigned for Sanders during his 2016 bid for president, it's not surprising that she would endorse him again after her boyfriend Booker dropped out.

However, Booker's endorsement went to Joe Biden, Sanders's opponent.

"As I look at the future, I know that Joe Biden is the best position of the people in that race," Booker told The View hosts last week. "I'm excited about the prospect that he could help unify the Democrats ... and actually be the leader that can reach out to independents, to moderate Republicans."

After Booker dropped out of the running earlier this year, people were disappointed that Dawson wouldn't become first lady. The two have been linked since early last year, and Dawson recently spoke out about their relationship in an interview with InStyle.

"In the midst of it all, he is my boyfriend, someone who I love very much. He is traveling all over the place," she said last November. "I’m thinking, ‘Is he eating right? Is he sleeping right? Is he taking care of himself or is he just on all the time?’ There are so many things. I don’t know where this journey will take us but we are putting in the time and effort for our journey separate from that. It’s just beautiful to be with each other."