Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker Made Their Relationship Campaign-Official

Forget Instagram.

After speculation earlier this year that Rosario Dawson and presidential candidate Cory Booker were set to become the next political power couple, things seem to be getting more serious. People reports that Dawson, who officially released statement on her relationship with Booker back in March, made several appearances on the campaign trail to support her boyfriend. This is a first for Dawson, who had previously kept her connections to Booker under wraps.

People notes that Dawson stumped for Booker at several campaign stops in Nevada on July 4. Booker's campaign events in the state included attending an Independence Day celebration at the 71st annual Boulder City Damboree. Dawson attended several of the events alongside Booker on what marked his fourth visit to Nevada since he announced that he would be running for president back in February.

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"He's a wonderful human being," Dawson told TMZ back in March. "It's good to spend some time together when we can. I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much who is so brilliant, and kind, and caring, and loving."

Dawson is based in Los Angeles, which makes it difficult for the two to connect as often as they'd probably like. For now, Booker is crisscrossing the country to address issues such as the migrant crisis along the United States's southern border.

Before this campaign stop, Dawson and Booker were seen together attending a Broadway show in New York City. Rumors about their relationship started to intensify after she was seen singing to him, saying, "I love you, te amo," during an impromptu sing-along. Dawson is the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Voto Latino, which was established back in 2004 and sets to engage young Hispanic and Latino voters. She told InStyle that she has thought of becoming more involved in politics and encourages everyone who wants to see change to get involved themselves.

"I'm just really moved by everything I've seen achieved over the years, and there's so much that’s being worked towards now with many more people," she said. "I'm inspired to just do whatever I feel called to do and to be of service and to be of use. Even if I was to run for office, that still would be a chapter of my life. There's got to be so many different ways that we can serve, and I want to figure out as many ways as I can to fit into this lifetime."

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