In the midst of promoting her new movie, A United Kingdom, where she stars opposite David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike stopped by Tuesday's Tonight Show, where the host brainstormed the perfect solution to the actress's remarks that she was thirsty.

"I wanted to challenge you to a silly drinking game tonight," Fallon announced as the Gone Girl star attempted to clear her throat. Taking out a flight of shots from behind his desk, the late night emcee then launched into an explanation of the game, called "Say Anything," where the contestants would take turns saying random words. The first person to pause, stumble on a word, or repeat a word would have to take a shot of Jimmy's favorite alcoholic concoction — Jägermeister and pineapple juice.

The game started off on a hilarious note, with the Brit informing Fallon that her dress had split while he reassured her that he wasn't wearing pants.

Pike was the first to take a shot, which she informed Fallon "was disgusting," after she accidentally repeated "hose" after the comedian came up with "hammer" in a long series of words that included "bun," "cinnamon," and "nincompoop."

Watch the full segment above to see who had to take shots at the end of the next two rounds! A United Kingdom hits theaters on Feb. 10.