Watch the Roots Rap a Game of Thrones Premiere Recap in 60 Seconds

Jimmy Fallon - The Roots VIDEO
Photo: Courtesy

If you missed Sunday's Game of Thrones premiere on HBO or could use a refresher in advance of the second episode of Season 6, you're in luck: Black Thought of The Roots rapped a recap of the entire plot—in less than a minute.

Following an audience suggestion box request for a quick rehash on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon called upon the Roots MC to deliver. He managed to work in many details and even revealed a few nuanced plot points. "Hey yo, it opens on Jon Snow, who died at the end of Season 5. Lady Melisandre still thinks he's alive," he rapped. The musician also tackled one of the most shocking parts of the episode: "Then Red Lady took the choker off, brother. A-hickey hickey hickey, she's old as a mother."

Watch The Roots' full Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere rap in the video above.

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