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Meghan Overdeep
Feb 16, 2016 @ 10:45 am

Ellen DeGeneres got all (and we mean all) the intimate details on Ronda Rousey's red-hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover during the UFC champion fighter's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday. Rousey discussed everything from paparazzi to the struggles of using the bathroom while wearing body paint for the photo shoot of her version of SI's 2016 swimsuit issue cover.

"I did 'swimsuit' the year before and of course I wanted to do it again, and they said that they were offering all of the athletes the chance to do body paint with Joanne Gair, who did that famous picture of Demi Moore body-painted in the suit," Rousey told DeGeneres. "And she's brilliant, she's a master of her trade, and I thought it was a real honor to be her canvas for once."

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As for feeling self-conscious about having her naked body painted by a team of strangers, Rousey described the whole operation as a "lady party."

"The only time I think I really felt self-conscious was like—because obviously they have to paint all of you—and there was one point when they were like, "OK, bend over!" and there's no not awkward way to do this so she's like filling in ..." Rousey said with a descriptive hand gesture. "It was really weird, it was kind of odd, but we were best friends by the time we got out of there!"

Watch Rousey discuss her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover in the video above.

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