#RocksMyWorld: What's Jewelry Rule No. 1 for Celebrity Brides This Summer?

Photo: Johannes Huebl/OliviaPalermo.com; Courtesy of Alexandra Mor (2)

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What’s jewelry rule No. 1 with celebrity brides this summer? If you are going to wear a complicated dress, keep the accessories simple—think diamond studs.

Kim Kardashian (surprisingly) was the first bride of the summer to go low-key with jewelry at her May 24 wedding in Florence. The reality star kept her jewelry to an absolute minimum and paired Tobey diamond studs by Los Angeles–based designer Martz Katz with her ornate custom-made Givenchy lace gown. Kanye West gave Kim the sentimental jewels, that appear to have been her “something old” in her wedding day ensemble, around the time they announced she was pregnant with North West. The delicate diamond design Kardashian has been wearing steadily over the last year features a central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller gems.

Instagram/kimkardashian; Courtesy of Martin Katz

Olivia Palermo put on a very different style of diamond studs for her June wedding to Johannes Huebl in Bedford, N.Y. The studs, that very well could have been the bride’s “something new,” were specially created for her by Alexandra Mor who was delighted the fashion maven debuted them on her wedding day. The New York–based jewelry designer’s Snowflake studs have lines of yellow gold alternating with lines of diamonds. The look of the earrings mixed in perfectly with the stylish bride’s textured ponytail and her three-piece Carolina Herrera sweater, shorts, and long tulle skirt ensemble.

Diamonds studs are not only a great jewelry choice for bride’s wearing elaborately detailed gowns. They can also be worn almost as frequently as an engagement ring after a wedding. Plus they are instant heirloom pieces. Johnathon Arndt who created American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring also put together the classic 11-carat diamond studs in prong settings the singer wore on her wedding day last October. “Diamond studs compliment a bride’s gown without overpowering it,” explains Arndt. “It gives the bride a beautiful look and something to pass down to her children in the future.” In other words diamond studs can provide a happily ever after in jewelry to your wedding.

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