By Marion Fasel
Updated Oct 02, 2014 @ 5:12 pm
Dyad Photography;Getty Images(2)

Legendary jewelry designer Duke Fulco di Verdura knew the power of a bold bauble. “He was not only a jeweler but an artist; he had a wonderful eye,” says Carolina Herrera, who, along with her husband, Reinaldo, and daughter Patricia Lansing, curated The Power of Style: Verdura at 75, a retrospective of the late jeweler’s stunning work.

Among the 150 pieces going on display will be the original pair of Maltese Cross Cuffs Verdura created for Coco Chanel (the pair are admiring the pieces in the 1930s photo below). There will also be modern renditions of the celebrated design from the personal jewelry boxes of Sofia Coppola, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields and Whoopi Goldberg.

Courtesy of Verdura

Some of the wildly imaginative creations Verdura collaborated on with surrealist artist Salvador Dali will be mix with the vintage treasures from Hollywood silver screen stars. One of the most spectacular is the dreamy pink tourmaline, gold and diamond wing brooch Joan Fontaine wore in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1941 thriller Suspicion. Perhaps the most classic piece in the presentation comes from the iconic actress Greta Garbo. She popularized the designer’s simple chic Curb Link bracelet in the 1940s by wearing one almost daily and posing in photos showcasing the jewel. Countless luminaries have sported the style since then including, Ms. Herrera who wears a Curb Link bracelet with a Curb Link Watch almost every day.

Courtesy of Verdura;Getty Images (2)

The Power of Style: Verdura at 75 will be open from October 14 thru December 23 in a gallery space at 745 Fifth Avenue in New York City specially designed by Daniel Romualdez the interior decorator famous for the décor of Tory Burch’s boutiques.

If you are looking for the ultimate souvenir to celebrate the exhibition Verdura has created a new version of the Maltese Cross Cuffs for $97,0000 each (see in the photo at top), dubbed Theodora, in a limited series of 200. A dazzling array of gems decorates the black and gold pieces including a 9-carat sapphire, a 5-carat emerald and a 5-carat sapphire. Each of the jewels will be engraved Verdura New York, 1939.