#RocksMyWorld: Soraya Silchenstedt Releases a Striking New Collection

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Photo: Courtesy of Soraya Silchenstedt

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Soraya Silchenstedt, the former creative director of the cult brand Finn, is thundering back into jewelry design. The debut collection for her eponymous line is named Coup de Foudre. When literally translated from French, the words mean “stroke of lightning.” For the imaginative Silchenstedt the term represents, “A flash of lightening—a metaphor for the electricity of love.” Each piece has a different style of bolt, drawn by the designer before her master craftsmen transformed it into a gold and diamond jewel.

The gem-set lightening has already struck on the red carpet. Gretchen Mol put on a pair of earrings representing an explosion of bolts at the premiere of her series Boardwalk Empire. “She gave them the spin of old Hollywood glamour and modernity which I love,” Silchenstedt says.

Another stunner is a white-gold ring featuring a 16-carat sugarloaf shape moonstone surrounded by 1-carat of diamonds. “The ring is inspired by natural energy,” the designer explains. “Like the feeling of energy that builds in the air just before lightning strikes.” The most personal piece in the collection is a band in the jagged pattern of a lightening bolt lit up in diamonds. The stylish jewels make us wish for a forecast with lots more Silchenstedt storms.

Soraya Silchenstedt available at Five Story.

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