By Marion Fasel
Updated Jan 22, 2015 @ 6:01 pm
Credit: Lipnitzki/Roger-Viollet; Courtesy

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The house of Chanel pays homage to its founder in almost all its creations. Coco Chanel's celebrated tweed suits and quilted bag are revamped seasonally. But there are also smaller hat tips to the visionary. Things and places that were important to iconoclast are routinely revisited in subtle ways.

Chanel’s new high jewelry collection, named Café Society, pays tribute to the early years of the 20th century, when the designer was at the very center of the Paris social and creative scene with her fashions and patronage of the arts hosting painters, composers and writers at the apartment above her boutique on 31 rue Cambon. A closer look at five of the one-of-a-kind rings in the collection reveal some of the designers most well-know biographical details.

The Chinese Coromandel screens Chanel used to decorate her apartment (above, left) inspired the black enamel and gold ring with an emerald center (above, right). The wheat pattern is a reference to the sheafs of wheat Chanel kept in her home as symbol of prosperity.

The gold lion ring accented with a diamond represents Chanel’s astrological sign Leo:

The sensational blue enamel and yellow diamond Comète ring celebrates Chanel’s fascination with astrology as well as her first fine jewelry collection that debuted in 1932 featuring stars:

The carved crystal, gold and ruby San Marco ring is a reference to Chanel’s passion for Venice, Italy:

The Camelia diamond, sapphire and enamel ring represents Chanel’s favorite flower that appeared repeatedly in her work:

All the rings are in the shape of the Place Vendome the luxurious square where The Ritz Hotel is located and the designer kept a suite. The outline of the Place was also used by Chanel as the shape of the bottle cap for her fragrance Chanel No. 5.

The prices for the rings range from $131,000 to $152,000. They are available in Chanel Fine Jewelry Boutiques; for more information call 800-550-0005.